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Since October, Victor Penniman has been the new (not-so-new now) bass player for award-winning Kansas City Blues band, Knock Kneed Sally! For all things Sally, visit our page at I absolutely LOVE playing with this band, and I hope you'll come out to our shows, buy our CD's, and all that good stuff that fans do to support their favorite bands! Thanks to Stovepipe Perkins and band for having me along!!

Click on Sally here to go to our ReverbNation page!

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Welcome to Ormesby Productions, LLC
Kansas City!

Ormesby Productions is committed to developing the total musician. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, chances are there's at least one area which could use improvement. O.P. provides a wide array of musical services from innovative and creative musicians with vast and diverse experience as performers, producers and educators. Ormesby’s primary goal is to combine scholarly knowledge with creative process and performance, research with creativity, erudition with accessibility. We provide insightful, customized services for all genres of music and performers from the large, classical concert stage, to small clubs and music venues, to open-air festivals both public and private; "From Bach to Rock," if you will. Services include The Composers’ Studio, performing artists’ roster including g.nome, and violist da gamba Victor Penniman, composition and comprehensive audio production services, and perhaps most importantly, our Musician's Educational Development program which we have created with the hope that something we do here might spark inspiration in others as well, moving our art ever forward.

In addition, we provide a Studio Referral service. If you have already recorded your tracks and only need them mixed and/or mastered, we will work closely with you, as we would with our own in-house clients, in order to refer you to the studio and producers best fitted to your style, and guaranteed to produce your desired results. We appreciate your interest in Ormesby Productions. We look forward to the opportunity to help you make your music far more than the sum of its parts.

g.nome is live and performing in Kansas City!!! Check out these new videos from September 26 (video on the left) and June 6, 2013 (video on the right) at Coda in Kansas City, MO!!

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New Collaboration with BestQuest LLC!! Click on the image and
Check This Out!!

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As you can see, there is a lot going on here at Ormesby Productions! It is owned and operated by me, Victor Penniman, alone. It costs quite a bit to keep things moving forward and up-to-date, and due to the current state of the industry, the work I do here does not always pay for itself. If you like what you see and hear, and you would like to see and hear more, please consider making a donation such that my work here can continue. Your donations are gifts, and are deeply appreciated, and make the work I do here possible. Gifts are not tax deductible, though you will receive a receipt and a great big THANK YOU, and probably some free stuff at some point, for helping O.P. bring the best music possible!! Thank You!!